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Divorce And Child Custody
Family Law | Quality Family Law Representation

We represent clients in a wide variety of family law matters including: Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR), Divorce Proceedings, Custody Disputes, Establishing Paternity, Adoption and Child Support.  

Child Custody | Maintain or Assert Your Rights as a Parent

We have represented a wide variety of parents whose rights have been taken away from them through no fault of their own. We also represent parents who want to protect their rights and ensure that their child is not taken away from them. Whatever your situation is when it comes to child custody cases you are in good hands. We do everything within our power to ensure you are not walked on and your rights, under existing case law, are preserved.

Guardianship | CPS

CPS's primary role is to ensure the best interest of the child. However, you need an advocate on your side to ensure that your rights are not being overlooked. We want to make sure that your voice is heard throughout the proceedings and an over zealous worker isn't overstepping their bounds. 
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